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October 2013 Update

So,  it has been a while since I have posted anything.  I forget I have this “blog spot” and well, life just meanders along.

In the intervening months since my last entry, I have ventured in “care services” by a) for a couple of months being a host home, and then b) providing respite care services to others who are providing host homes.  Being a care provider for those physically challenged and those with developmental disabilities is both challenging and probably, one of the most rewarding “jobs” I have ever done.

Meanwhile, in addition I have been spending time building a couple of small retail (home based) businesses in the health and wellness space.

The Well (the ministry) lost it’s battle with the City of Longmont to gain permits for public meetings at our space on Main Street in Longmont, Colorado.  We appealed this decision and lost again, and we were given a cease and desist order – because we moved in back in March, on a “promise” of permits, and have continued having our weekly fellowships but have not been able to fund-raise or hold other seminar or educational type meetings. At this time, still searching for suitable space even though we have to be out in 3 weeks.

This is just a quick update – to make sure I have not forgotten how to type and perhaps I can be more disciplined and write more frequently in the future.