About Me

Born in Guernsey, the Channel Islands, I spent the first 8 years of my life on the island after which I moved to ‘mainland’ England.

Came to believe in Jesus Christ around the age of 13 – of course, believing and actually making Him Lord of your life are two totally different things.

Had a son who died of leukemia in 1984, at the age of 4. I was angry with God for taking my son, not understanding that He is not responsible for death and disease in the world! I spent a number of years believing but backslidden – I visited church occassionally.

In 2004, the Lord “got a hold of me” and I started having dreams about a “place where Christians are seen to be doing what Jesus commanded”.  This “Practical Christian Living Center” has turned into a location in Longmont, Colorado that ministers to believers and unbelievers alike through outreach.  Many different church “small groups” help to make this run by providing food and fellowship to the homeless and addicted each week.  The vision is “Unity through Outreach” which blesses those who receive and those groups who give.  In addition there is much “cross pollination” and graying of denominational lines.  Visit us at The Well.


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