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Talking with Yahweh

Way of the Disciple – A Test Post with online power point

This is a 1-slide presentation to help connect with events in Kenya.  This is a test for one of the Lessons I will be giving at the Kingdom Rising conference.  Click on the link below and then click the PLAY button (one slide only).

Way of the Disciple


When God rubs elbows with you.

It has been a crazy few days. Found a new location for the ministry. From 4000 square feet to 21000! I know…quite a jump! I am so at peace with this though…it has got to be God. Did the proposal-submitted it to agent who forwarded on to owner. Was very realistic in what I put together. Keep hearing the Lord say…’ It’s my place, just do your part and I’ll do mine’. Response needs to come back by wednesday 9th. I am so excited. Working with the creator of the universe. What a privilege!

Reaching Out

It is so good to see God’s people in action. Today I had the honor to go and minister to ‘folks on the street’ in Denver, CO. It was an outdoor outreach organized by my sister in Christ Cenece Dixon. 15 – 20 ministries also in attendance.  What a privilege it was to also lead a few songs of Worship along with a couple of brothers from our ministry here in town – The Well. It is so good to see God’s people where they are supposed to be – out on the street fishing for men and women hungry for something other than the world. This is the Great Commission in action.

The Journey

Life is a journey! It’s not only about the destination, it’s about the journey, the road you travel and the transformation within you that takes place. This transformation can only take place if you step back from ‘me’ and allow it to happen. The transformation occurs in order for you to arrive safely at your destination. In fact, if you don’t allow the transformation to take place, your final destination may not be what you think. It’s like this… If you want to live in water then you need to develop gills to survive. Likewise, if you want eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven then you need to develop in you the Mind of Christ and learn to live within Him. If you are not prepared to be transformed don’t even bother considering Heaven as your destination because the good Lord will send you to the only place you are equipped for.

Crazy Day

Ok…today was chaos. Regular job was non-stop phone. Wasn’t too sure what I was going to preach at The Well tonight. At the last minute pulled out a small study on the character of Peter. His humanity, his lack of courage in the face of danger when he denied the Lord.  Then his heartfelt repentance when he realized Jesus was right about his denial. His failings only served to strengthen him as he later became a bold leader in the young church, and an outspoken minister of the Gospel. From an unlearned man, with minimal teaching on the Torah to a dynamic and ‘ sold out for Jesus’ church planter. If the fisherman from Galilee can do it….you and I certainly can!