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October 2013 Update

So,  it has been a while since I have posted anything.  I forget I have this “blog spot” and well, life just meanders along.

In the intervening months since my last entry, I have ventured in “care services” by a) for a couple of months being a host home, and then b) providing respite care services to others who are providing host homes.  Being a care provider for those physically challenged and those with developmental disabilities is both challenging and probably, one of the most rewarding “jobs” I have ever done.

Meanwhile, in addition I have been spending time building a couple of small retail (home based) businesses in the health and wellness space.

The Well (the ministry) lost it’s battle with the City of Longmont to gain permits for public meetings at our space on Main Street in Longmont, Colorado.  We appealed this decision and lost again, and we were given a cease and desist order – because we moved in back in March, on a “promise” of permits, and have continued having our weekly fellowships but have not been able to fund-raise or hold other seminar or educational type meetings. At this time, still searching for suitable space even though we have to be out in 3 weeks.

This is just a quick update – to make sure I have not forgotten how to type and perhaps I can be more disciplined and write more frequently in the future.


New Beginnings

HOPE springs anew!  Today is a good day.  It seems that after Kenya, I had some kind of slump.  We have so much here in the USA – and western countries for that matter, and in Kenya there is so little.  It has taken me a few months to “adjust” and get some focus.  A weird time indeed.

The Day …..

Well,  here I am sitting in Dallas / Fort Worth airport and … well …. ho .. hum …..  not a lot happening yet!  So, my update for today is this.  As I was meditating on the Lord on this flight, I was reminded that tomorrow August 3rd, not only is my anniversary, but it would have been my Mum’s birthday – and guess where I will be? ENGLAND! The Lord said that He is timeless, as I have the mind of Christ, then that too is timeless and I could therefore celebrate my Mum’s birthday in the airport.  Somehow, she would know and celebrate also.  Am I thinking too hard?  Or, was this new revelation?

The Day Prior ….

So,  it is the day before I leave on my missions trip.  I am both excited and overwhelmed by all that has been arranged.  Over 250 pastors registered for the conference, meetings with other churches, orphanages and even local government officials.  I pray that I will bring glory to my Father in Heaven who has sent me on this trip.  I give Him the glory for all the arrangements that have been made, and for calling the pastors together for this conference.  I am also amazed at the wonderful volunteers who will make sure The Well in Colorado remains “doing its thing”.  It is an honor and a blessing for me to have them in my life.  Thank you to all.  Thank you especially to my wonderful wife, without her support I would be a mess!

Quick catch-Up

So,  here I am .. again – and I need to blog to keep everybody up to date with my trip to Kenya which is in 30 days.  This is just a practice run – to get into the habit of blogging, BUT given the recent spate of disastrous Colorado wildfires (among others), I read with interest my initial post on this blog, from January 2011.  Perhaps he was telling me about what was to come … and now has come!  As of August 2012 you should be getting almost daily updates from me as I minister in Western Kenya. As of today, we have around 300 registrations for the Kingdom Rising conference which I will lead August 7-12th and then follow that up with a week of traveling around visiting The well(s) of Kenya – as of this writing we have 24 locations – quite likely only visiting 7-8 of them.  ALL GLORY TO PAPA!

Hello world!

Started this blog today. I am not an expert blogger by any means but wanted a place to share the ‘stuff’ Father God puts in my spirit.

Recently, it has been the word ‘Firestorm‘. Dont know if this pertains to a natural disaster that is coming or a pouring out of the Spirit.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am founder and director of Practical Christian Living Centers. One of our outreach and discipleship centers is ‘The Well’ in Longmont, Colorado. Check us out