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Quick catch-Up

So,  here I am .. again – and I need to blog to keep everybody up to date with my trip to Kenya which is in 30 days.  This is just a practice run – to get into the habit of blogging, BUT given the recent spate of disastrous Colorado wildfires (among others), I read with interest my initial post on this blog, from January 2011.  Perhaps he was telling me about what was to come … and now has come!  As of August 2012 you should be getting almost daily updates from me as I minister in Western Kenya. As of today, we have around 300 registrations for the Kingdom Rising conference which I will lead August 7-12th and then follow that up with a week of traveling around visiting The well(s) of Kenya – as of this writing we have 24 locations – quite likely only visiting 7-8 of them.  ALL GLORY TO PAPA!